Jennie is a brilliant and insightful designer. She is designing all of the covers for my independent publishing press, Retreat West Books, and every single time she just gets it. The covers are original, striking, and always exactly what the authors and I had envisaged. She's genius and I'm looking forward to working with her for years to come to create more stunning covers.

Amanda Saint - Retreat West Books

I cannot recommend Serifim and Jennie Rawlings enough. I had seen her work on other projects and what had struck me was the individuality of each and every design. When I looked at these covers, the designs gave me a visceral reaction as well as piqued my interest in the books themselves. We chatted, clicked, and I knew that this was going to be a good process. From the first draft of the design for my book, I was entranced. The final product is breath taking. Every time I look at it, I love it more. The thing is that Jennie really ‘gets’ your book. The designs are individual because the books are. She takes her time with each one. What a rare talent. Thank you, Jennie, for making my ‘baby’ so beautiful.

- Danielle Butler (author of Watermarked)

When my publisher sent over the cover proof for ‘Separated From the Sea’ I was scared to open the file! ‘Separated’ is my first full length short story collection, and it was really important to me that it had a great cover design. At that stage I had no idea who was designing it, so I didn’t know what to expect. When I saw it I was astounded. Jennie had encapsulated the essence of the collection in a beautiful cover that I couldn’t love more if I tried. It is magical – perfect in every way. Everyone comments on it, and I never tire of looking at it. I admire all Jennie’s work, and have recommended her to other authors. I only hope she will design my next book cover!

-Amanda Huggins (author of Separated From The Sea)

I was so nervous about the front cover for collection 'This is (not about) David Bowie' but I shouldn't have worried! It was as if Jennie had read my mind! As somebody who works in comms, I knew the importance of a front cover and how it makes a promise to the reader about what's inside.
In my line of digital comms, they say that 90% of your time should be working on the subject line of an email as this is what determines whether people even open it to see your work. I believe the same applies to a front cover. I feel like Jennie read and understood and expressed this perfectly in the front cover design. Not only do we have the 'flash' to signal flash fiction, but it feels exciting, epic and inclusive. I wanted a collection that would intrigue a wide audience - one that would bring flash fiction into the hands of the public. I feel like this front cover will catch people's imaginations. It is what will encourage people to open my book. THANK YOU JENNIE!

-Freya Morris (author of This is (Not About) David Bowie)

Jennie did an incredible job with the cover for Fallible Justice. Without knowing me or having seen any of my drawings, she not only got Fallible Justice but also me. The cover is perfect in every way and the detail in it incredible; even now I can look at it and spot something different. I couldn't be happier and I look forward to seeing what Jennie comes up with for my next book!

-Laura Laakso (author of the Wilde Investigations series)

Jennie has a great way of detecting the essence of your book. Serifim have designed both my novels' covers, and it's been a wonderful experience seeing, at last, an image that completely encapsulates what I'd spent years working on. She's lovely to deal with, but it's not just that. If you want to make great book covers you need an awful lot of serious design and book marketing know-how.

Jennie has; it isn't easy, but she makes it look as if it is.

- Fran Smith (author of The Power of Cake)

As a debut novelist, I wanted the cover of my novel to be such that it would reflect the mood and themes of the book and also stand out as a great piece of design that would catch the eye of potential readers. Jennie did not disappoint. The cover is perfect for the story and is both beautiful and striking. Jennie understood the mood I was hoping to evoke and her professional yet approachable attitude was much appreciated.

-Helen Kitson (author of The Last Words of Madeleine Anderson)


Jennie Rawlings is a treasure. Thorough, punctual and a natural collaborator, Jennie found the heart of my narrative and created a cover of such high quality that I wanted to yell about it in public. She elevated my work, pure and simple. I hope to work with her again and again and again.

-Clayton Williamson (author of Redneck)


Thank goodness we found Jennie. This was my debut novel and the thrill of seeing my book in print with the wonderful cover she designed will stay with me forever. Jennie totally understands your story line and knows just how to illustrate your book to the best effect. She thinks out of the box creating just the right mood. Her cover has been admired by everyone who has read the book including my writing mentor who is a published author. He wanted to know who was behind the design. Thank you Jennie for helping me to achieve my dreams.

-Sue Stokes (author of Walking On Paths Of Stones)


I couldn't be more delighted with Jennie's design for my novel The Road to California. In one simple, stark image, she has captured the essence of the story. Jennie is a pleasure to work with. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

-Louise Walters (author of The Road To California)


As a debut indie author, it's been a joy to work with Jennie. From the off, she understood my novel and its target audience. She explained decisions to tweak parts of the initial design as we went through the process, kept to deadlines and produced a beautiful book cover which is much admired by readers.

The thing about Jennie is she is passionate about what she does and hugely supportive of her clients. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her beautiful design is undoubtedly helping my book to sell. I'm excited to see what her creative thought processes dream up for the second novel in my series.

-Anj Cairns (author of Life in Your World)


Jennie did an incredible job with the cover for Fallible Justice. Without knowing me or having seen any of my drawings, she not only got Fallible Justice but also me. The cover is perfect in every way and the detail in it incredible; even now I can look at it and spot something different. I couldn't be happier and I look forward to seeing what Jennie comes up with for my next book!

-Laura Laakso (author of Fallible Justice)


I’d love to tell everyone that after prolonged collaboration and many artistic exchanges we finally triumphed and produced the cover for Best Wishes Sister B – it’s a quirky book, after all, and a bit of a challenge, but actually Jennie just got it so totally right from a standing start that it was cover love at first sight. Bingo! She’s brilliant!

Fran Smith (author of Best Wishes, Sister B & The Power of Cake)


[Jennie] did an outstanding job on the cover design for my book. It really captures the essence of the story which is a very difficult thing to achieve on a book cover.

-Doug Gold (author of The Note Through The Wire)

Jennie has been amazing to work with. In a very collaborative process, she came up with the perfect guitar hero cover – in fact, there were happy tears when I saw the final version! This was my first ever novel and to see it looking so professional and enticing due to Jennie’s wonderful design was fabulous. I would highly recommend her.

-Julie Archer (author of Cocktails, Rock Tales & Betrayals & One Last Shot)


What Jennie does is not just Art it’s Alchemy. There is true magic in her designs, and all her covers have a magnetic, touch-me, read-me quality which few can resist. In my case she didn’t just draw me a good cover, she captured the very essence and spirit of the story in a way that astounded me. Jennie is also wonderful to work with. She offered me a range of design options, all brilliant, but the extraordinary Puma design was a clear winner from the outset. I’m proud to have published a novel which is not just (I hope) a good read, but which is also a beautiful object to cherish.

Sarah Vincent (author of The Testament of Vida Tremayne)


I was quite overcome when I saw the fabulous covers Jennie had designed for me. She captured the very essence of my stories and created book jackets that were better than anything I could have imagined in my wildest dreams. The first sight of them made me quite teary. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she is an absolute delight to work with – and endlessly patient. Really, couldn’t be better!

- K.E.Coles (author of The Mesmeris Trilogy)


A self-published debut genre novel needs to stand out, and fortunately Jennie completely understood this. The clarity of her vision for Crone was as startling as the design. She managed to get to the absolute heart of the story, and the basic fear I was trying to instil - of being caught in the eye of the predator. Jennie breathed life into the description of my antagonist and quite took my breath away. Everywhere I go I am haunted by this demonic vision, and I love it!

- Jeannie Wycherley (author of Crone)


I had no idea when I asked Jennie to design the cover for my first novel for 11-14 year olds how completely blown away I would be with her ideas and artwork.   She understood and incorporated all the drama of the story and created a picture that encompassed the themes and ideas perfectly.  Everyone who has seen it has been as thrilled and admiring as I have.   Needless to say I have asked her to design the cover of my second book, ‘Wormhole’.   She is a joy to work with – efficient, quick to respond and nothing is too much trouble.   I feel privileged to be able to showcase such creative talent.    

 - Carmen Henderson (author of Backjump)


Serifim took all the stress out of creating the perfect book cover for me and in next to no time. It was magical to see how Jennie took a few vague ideas and produced a stunning cover – as if she could read my imagination. It matched the brief 100%.

– Lizzie Fayke (author of Daydream Believer)


Jennie captured the spirit from the brief and sample chapters I sent her perfectly. She worked some kind of magic and created a cover which grabs you by the eyeballs and doesn’t let them ping back into their sockets until it has had your full attention. And I cannot express highly enough how attentive she was throughout the entire process.

Out of 10, she gets at least 12!

– J.D.R Swift (author of Charlie Crump Codebreaker!)


Working with Jennie was a pleasure. From start to finish the whole process was an enjoyable journey. Whatever your novel, a good cover – professionally designed – makes a massive contribution to the success of your story. Don’t overlook it. Jennie designed the cover for my book The Worry (a precocious little story of comic intrigue – some might say). It made a difference. If you believe in your work, let Jennie make a difference for you. Of course to begin with I designed my own cover. Pretty good I thought, until told otherwise. I was then introduced to Jennie. Highly regarded in her field for flair in design, attention to detail, and a lot of other things, her brief was to design me a book cover (and for a book like mine that has a lot of traffic cones in it that was no easy task). She read it (bless her), presented her ideas (agreeably), produced a cover within budget (very reasonably I thought) and to an agreed timescale (about 2 weeks). I was delighted with the result. If you are trying to bring a book to market, perhaps you should have a word with Jennie too.

– Chris Bishop (author of The Worry)


Jennie's bold inspirational designs have drawn gasps of admiration from friends and readers. She doesn't just read and sketch a design; she captures the heart and soul of a book, finding themes that even the author hadn't dreamt of.  The detail is exquisite. In fact the more you look at these covers the more you find in them.  I've worked with Jennie on two projects now and she has given me books to be proud of.  I could never work with anyone else.  Truly, they are works of art.

- Sarah Vincent (author of The Gingerbread Wife)


Jennie Rawlings designed the book jacket for my first novel ‘A Bird in the House.’ Her strong image perfectly captures the essence of the book. I am very happy with the design and many people have commented on how striking it is.

Bronwen Griffiths (author of A Bird in the House & Not Here Not Us)


Jennie has real creative genius with her designs, producing innovative and highly creative solutions.

Nick Cook (author of The Cloud Riders Trilogy)


I love Jennie’s cover design for my book MINTY. As well as being beautiful it perfectly encapsulates the story. It’s as if she had stepped inside my subconscious and created the book cover I’d have designed for myself – if only I had the talent! It’s genius! Thank you, Jennie.

– Christina Banach (author of Minty)


Jennie designed and produced an outstanding cover for my novel, Zero Alternative. Not only was she thoroughly professional and responsive, but she truly managed to capture my ideas and the spirit of the book, somehow making it look better than I could have ever imagined. A more than excellent job.

– Luca Pesaro (author of Zero Alternative)


With a background in theatre design, Jennie Rawlings is highly skilled at interpreting the drama and ‘feel’ of a novel and projecting those crucial elements into her cover art. She embraces all her projects with energy and enthusiasm and working with her on my book cover was a joy. Her beautiful artwork and creative typography are always so eye-catching and if you want your book to stand out in an ever growing crowd then this is essential.

– Stephanie Elmas (author of The Room Beyond)


Jennie has been an inspiration to work with. The cover art she produced for Cloud Riders is truly exceptional – a strong, bold, dynamic design, that catches the eye and doesn’t let go. And that’s exactly what you want your cover to do when it’s competing for people’s attention with countless other books on the shelves! Jennie has real creative flare for fantastic covers – and I say this as a former game industry art director myself. In short, I can’t recommend her services highly enough.

– Nick Cook (author of The Cloud Riders Trilogy)


It was a very lucky day, indeed, for me when I happened to come across Serifim while researching graphic designers. Jennie is an extraordinary and extremely gifted professional and individual. She has a unique insight in what makes a cover stand out and convey the essence of the novel. The jacket cover of my debut novel Because of You is a piece of art. Everyone who sees it think it's stunning and I couldn't agree more. The colours and attention to detail exceed my wildest expectations and imagination. Jennie is an absolute dream to work with and I urge everyone who genuinely want to succeed in the publishing industry to enlist Jennie's service. I guarantee it will make a huge impactwith an eventual readership in a crowded market.

Jennie's covers are a piece of art that combined with a huge marketing potential are in a league of their own. Jennie is the only graphic designer I trust to create and develop a concept that will linger in the reader's mind and heart long after they've turned the last page. Whenever I look at the cover, I am tempted to read the novel despite the fact I am the author and know it inside out. I am so very grateful that Jennie is my graphic designer and can't wait for her to create yet another magic image for my up and coming novel We Never Said Goodbye.

- Helene Fermont (author of Because of You, We Never Said Goodbye & His Guilty Secret)