Thank you for your interest in Serifim.

An abbreviated history: In 2006 I graduated from Wimbledon School of Art with a degree in Design for Performance and worked as a production designer in London. Then I moved to glorious Manchester and a great friend asked me to design the jacket for her first novel. It was a thrilling challenge that led serendipitously to a further commission from a small publisher which led to more work and etc…etc…

So what started out as a favour to a friend is now my awesome job. It’s annoying when people say they just fell over a career they really love but that is exactly what happened. For each book the plan is the same: to create artwork that will communicate effectively with the right reader and make them want to find out more about what lies beneath the cover for themselves.

My clients include publishers and independent authors and quotes are free and without obligation so I look forward to hearing from you if you think I may be of assistance.